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AdChoice : information about ads

You are currently viewing an advertisement broadcasted by AdUX (

In order to enrich your surfing experience on the publisher websites, AdUX is looking for the advertisements that you should be interested in.

These ads are automatically selected according to predetermined criteria reflecting the content of the pages or the categories of websites you are surfing on, as well as by the information that you could have chosen to share with AdUX at the time of your inscription on various websites or services.

In order to do this, AdUX is communicating with your computer through a cookies system permitting to identify the personalized criteria: targeting cookies.

Other advertising networks may also provide you with personalized ads on this website, through a similar operating principle and regardless of AdUX.

In order to provide you with a better control and an easier way to access and manage targeting cookie, we invite you to visit the following website gathering the most important advertising networks.

You can choose to accept or decline targeting cookies from each advertising network.

Note: If you choose to decline targeting cookies from a network, you will only see non-personalized ads from this network.

Your computer will however still receive technical cookies or statistical cookies and also non targeting cookies.

If you would like to know more about AdUX’s policy regarding privacy and use of cookies, click here.

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